Our commitment to investing in the future means that there is a continual flow of innovative projects underway which will ensure that we retain a competitive advantage and maintain our reputation as the world’s best airline.

Our talented IT division deliver projects in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Service Delivery, Enterprise and Flight Operations, Engineering, Cargo and Infrastructure Programmes. We continuously aim to introduce innovative technologies, such as web, e-commerce and mobile solutions into our business and IT environment to enhance our product offerings and the customer experience.

Recent large-scale projects have involved the development of mobile applications to provide exceptional customer service beyond the service onboard our aircraft. In addition to this, we have been focussed on building IT infrastructure and utilising best in class technology stacks to create synergies between our Hong Kong headquarters and the global ports we serve.

Another significant project recently completed was in the Passenger Services System space. It was a large programme of work that transitioned our legacy departure control systems to the Altêa Customer Management Solution to manage the passenger service chain. It reached into every part of the organisation delivering tremendous benefits to both our business and our customers.

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Case Study: PAX Insight – Onboard Service List

Our passionate IT teams are committed to delivering innovative business solutions that provide significant improvements to the efficiency of our airline operations. Join us and you can help to design and deliver innovative solutions that assist our in-flight teams in providing passengers with a superior service.

IT Project Focus:

Pax Insight – Onboard Service List application for Tablets

A core focus of Cathay Pacific IT is creating world-class solutions that improve our customer experience. One of the team’s most recent accomplishments is Pax Insight, an application that enables Cabin Crew to download a Onboard Service List up to 90 minutes before departure.

Onboard Service Lists capture important customer details and requirements for every flight, such as passengers’ loyalty program details, dietary needs, special needs and onward journey details, as well as airport messages and information about unaccompanied minors. It is a critical document that enables our Cabin Crew to provide the world-class customer service that we are renowned for.

The driver

Onboard Service List originally took the form of a paper document that was printed before every flight for Cabin Crew use. These manual lists are often long, not user friendly and annotated with hand-written notes for last minute changes and therefore
opportunities for improvements were identified.

The solution

The Cathay Pacific IT team’s Pax Insight application overcame the above challenges by providing a paperless, accurate and detailed list of passenger needs for every flight. A graphical seat plan allows Cabin Crew teams to obtain passengers detailed information. Various filters and search functions allow for the easy identification of tasks that can be undertaken pre-flight and inflight to provide value added service to customers.

Using middleware, Pax Insight extracts passenger information from the Cathay Pacific departure control system and delivers it to various mobile devices used by Cabin Crew. It successfully streamlines the in-flight service and allows crew members to better prepare, physically and mentally, for flights.

With tablets and other mobile technologies increasingly being adopted by employees and passengers alike, there is great potential for Pax Insight to expand our customer service offering. We anticipate that in the future it will enable our Cabin Crew to deliver personalised customer services.

Pax Insight is rapidly gaining recognition in the IT and aviation industries. It was recently awarded the Best Business Solution Application Silver Award at the 2014 Hong Kong ICT Awards.