Our Fleet

Our modern fleet is our pride and joy as it consists of 139 wide-body aircraft with an average age of less than 9 years. This comprises of the following aircraft types:

Boeing 747-400

Queen of the skies, icon of modern aviation or, simply, the Jumbo, the B747-400 has served Cathay Pacific well since its introduction to the fleet in 1989. It is with regret that we have implemented a retirement programme for these world-renowned aircraft. Improving fleet efficiency and maintaining one of the world’s youngest fleet helps us to achieve our aim of being a the world’s best airline.

Boeing 747-Freighter

Investment in our freighter fleet, and our very own Cargo terminal at HKIA is intended to benchmark Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong as the worlds most efficient, and technologically advanced Cargo hubs. Our freighter fleet has a mix of B747-400F’s, ERF’s, BCF’s and the worlds newest and longest production cargo carrying aircraft the B747-8. In total we have 23 747’s in the freighter fleet, including our most recent acquisitions, 7 B747-8s. We were also very proud to have recently taken delivery of Asia’s first B747-8 simulator which is now fully operational and used for training purposes at Cathay City.


The Boeing 777-300ER forms the backbone of our long-haul fleet. Often referred to as ‘the triple’, the first of its kind was introduced to the fleet in 1996. We were the launch customer for the aircraft and, after its delivery, pioneered the polar route between Hong Kong and New York, the world first non stop flight over the North Pole. We operate the largest 777-300 ER fleet in Asia, and this super efficient aircraft enhances our services on long-haul and ultra-long-haul routes, primarily to North America. We have 30 of these aircraft in our fleet, and expect to take delivery of at least one every month in 2013. We also operate a few of the older versions of the triple, the 200 and 300 variants offer us high capacity, and efficiency on medium haul routes.

We are also looking forward to enhancing our freighter fleet with the introduction of B777 freighters in 2016.

Airbus Industrie A330-300

Cathay Pacific operates the largest A330’s fleet in the world. Our 35 330’s are twin-engine aircraft used for regional and medium-haul routes. We took delivery of our first Airbus 330 in 1995, the aircraft quickly proved the manufacturers promise as being reliable, efficient and one that we will continue to invest in.

We also operate the A340-300 on our long haul routes, but with a combination of increased ETOPS operations, the A340 is envisaged to be replaced by Airbus’ new generation of aircraft - the A350-900 and 1000. This will see our Airbus fleet operating in all our regional, medium, long-haul, and ultra long-haul routes by the end of the decade.

The Cathay Pacific fleet continues to be significantly modernised. We are incredibly excited by the imminent arrival of a further 90 or so new aircraft, including A330’s, A350-900, A350-1000, B777’s for the passenger fleet, and B747-8 and B777 Freighters. These new aircraft will enable us to offer significant benefits in terms of safety, efficiency and passenger satisfaction. This investment represents almost HK$218 billion, and will ensure our position as one of the world’s premier airlines.