Being a Second Officer

You’ve studied hard, undertaken relentless training, sat the theoretical exams and flight tests, and now you are a fully-fledged Cathay Pacific Second Officer. What next?

As a Second Officer, you will be based in Hong Kong and operating long haul and ultra long haul flights to many exciting destinations.

From the moment you first don your Cathay Pacific uniform and take your place in the cockpit of one of the best and most modern aircraft in the world, you’ll feel a sense of pride and excitement at being part of this professional operation. Every flight is different, filled with challenge and adventure. You’ll work with an incredible diversity of people, experience cultures from all over the globe, learn in a supportive environment, and work with the very best technologies in the world.

Cathay Pacific Second Officers are integral members of our flight deck crew. You’ll fly as a cruise co-pilot and monitor the activities of our operating crew – a pivotal role in the efficient operation of our airline. You will also be exposed to our standard operating procedures, and encouraged to learn, grow and develop.