What's Involved

Our talented Cabin Crew members are dedicated to ensuring our passengers’ safety and comfort, and delivering quality service that comes straight from the heart.

Our team members play many different roles while in the air and on ground. It can be challenging, so it takes a special person to succeed – someone who’s caring, attentive, and genuinely interested in helping customers and teammates.

Ensuring safety comes first

Cabin Crew team members work together to ensure the safety of everyone on board. It’s a role that requires great vigilance and situational awareness at all times. When ad hoc situations arise, such as medical issues and turbulence, you need to respond quickly and provide immediate assistance to passengers and colleagues.

Our team takes pride in carrying out every security and safety measure meticulously, from pre-boarding equipment checks to post-landing duties. This includes ensuring that all safety equipment is serviceable, security check and providing passengers with safety instructions as they board.

Delivering service straight from the heart

When serving passengers, every little thing counts. As a member of our Cabin Crew, you’ll go the extra mile to make our passengers feel special and valued, and to ensure that every flight is a safe and happy experience. This means offering a warm welcome to every passenger who steps on board and proactively providing assistance throughout the flight.

You and your team will work together to ensure the comfort of passengers through responsibilities such as catering to special dietary needs, maintaining the cleanliness of lavatories and the cabin, and providing additional support to passengers with special needs such as those travelling with infants, passengers with disabilities and unaccompanied minors. You will support each other when challenges arise, and work together to come up with the best possible solutions.

Prema Galway

Senior Purser and Learning & Development Executive

Prema has many different roles in life. At Cathay Pacific, she’s a senior flight purser and a trainer. At home, she’s a mother to two toddlers and a wife and sister. Her career allows her the flexibility to balance her two passions, flying and family.

What made you decide to join Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific has always been an airline of high repute in India. I was working for a very good airline in India at that time but wanted to step up to a global airline. My sister had joined a year before and was loving it, so the opportunity to apply was exciting. I've been with Cathay Pacific for 18 years now.

Was it difficult settling into Hong Kong?

Considering that Hong Kong is quite different from India, it wasn't hard at all to make friends and settle in. It's important to be open to other cultures, people and food, and to be willing to adapt to change. I missed India but I fell in love with Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong and its uniqueness.

What motivated you to become a trainer?

I've always loved teaching. It's been a passion of mine since high school. I never expected to be able to combine my passion for teaching with my career at an airline, so it’s been a beautiful opportunity to put my signature strengths to use at work. It is a dream job, in many ways. It’s rewarding to encourage, coach and support trainees and help them to succeed.

Can you tell me about a memorable training experience?

The most gratifying has been facilitating a developmental course on increasing wellbeing and happiness levels. Myself and some other trainers were selected and trained by neuroscientists, and then we facilitated the course to more than 2000 cabin crew members, many of whom were struggling to balance their home life with their careers. It was well received and a beautiful opportunity to improve people’s lives.

Is it difficult to balance flying with family?

It’s easier than most people think. We are given days off after each flight, and this provides an opportunity for us to spend time with loved ones. My family loves the travel discounts and the goodies that I bring home from various ports. If I asked my kids if they’d prefer me to be a stay-at-home mum, their answer would be “No!”