Career Development

A career with Cathay Pacific could see you move horizontally or vertically throughout our global business. Our Cabin Crew team members are supported to continually pursue their professional interests, no matter whether their next role is located within Cabin Crew or within one of our many other business divisions.

Our team members receive consistent mentoring, career coaching and performance feedback which enables them to continually develop skills and knowledge that will enhance their career and personal growth.

We recognise all team members who demonstrate outstanding performance and a readiness for career progression. This is through training in areas that will enable them to further their career, such as aircraft conversion and premium service concepts.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Our Flight Attendants are responsible for upholding onboard safety standards and delivering world-class customer service via duties such as food and beverage service and duty free sales. Flight Attendants begin their careers in Economy class and then progress to Business class.

Flight Purser

Flight Pursers

Flight Pursers provide leadership to the team of Flight Attendants that service Economy class, and support them in ensuring that all passengers experience a smooth and safe flight. Flight Pursers receive training on first class fine dining concepts.

Senior Purser

Inflight Services Manager

Senior Pursers are responsible for leading their teams to deliver premium service to passengers in Business and First class. Senior Pursers occasionally act as deputy Inflight Service Managers on long-haul flights and apply their coaching skills to supporting crew operations.

Inflight Service Manager

Senior Flight PurserInflight Service Managers oversee all Cabin Crew operations and provide guidance and leadership to the team. They liaise closely with the Cockpit crew, Ground staff and back office team to ensure a smooth and safe operation. Some of our Inflight Services Managers also take on a supporting role in providing coaching for our Cabin Crew.

In addition to vertical career progression opportunities, our Cabin Crew gain developmental opportunities through:

  • Projects focused on further advancing our service design and delivery
  • Taking up service training and coaching roles
  • Acting as lead talent in advertisement productions or as ambassadors for sponsored events (e.g. Hong Kong Rugby Sevens and the Chinese New Year Parade)

Our Cabin Crew gain customer service experience and insights that are highly valuable across different functional areas within the airline. Having been provided internal job movement opportunities, some of our experienced team members have taken up roles in areas such as product development and loyalty marketing. Some have even become Flight Crew.

Mabel Pun

Inflight Service Manager

Mabel has enjoyed a long and progressive Cabin Crew career. Since joining Cathay Pacific as a flight attendant in 1985, she has received many promotion opportunities to roles such as flight purser and senior flight purser. She now works as an inflight service manager and a performance and development executive.

How and why did you join Cathay Pacific?

I went to a ‘walk in’ interview at a hotel and was lucky to be one of 20 successful applicants among 2,000. I had a passion for hospitality and service, and so I enjoyed how Cabin Crew allowed me to not only travel the world but also develop self-confidence and interpersonal skills. Cathay Pacific is the most admired airlines in the world; I was proud to join and I’m still proud 30 years later.

Tell me about your career progression from flight attendant?

Over the years I was promoted to flight purser, senior flight purser and then inflight service manager. Then I decided that I wanted to broaden my horizons while still continuing with my flying career. Cathay Pacific supported me in achieving this by appointing me to the performance and development executive role, which I carry out in addition to my inflight service manager role.

What does your training role entail?

As a performance and development executive, I am focussed on raising inflight service standard to new heights through performance development, relationship management and crisis support. I make certain that the Cabin Crew meet Cathay Pacific’s renowned safety, security and service standards, and that they have a positive attitude for the delivery of “Service Straight from the Heart”!

Where is your favourite destination?

Italy. Not only because it’s the city of fashion and a fascinating place for shopping, but the Italian food and wines are excellent too. I usually enjoy dining in the restaurants near Spanish Steps or Trevi Fountain (Wish Fountain). And after shopping, a cappuccino in a small café is relaxing!

What do you like to do when you’re not flying?

I spend quality time with my family. I am passionate about learning and so I also regularly update myself on changes to the business environment and company policies. I enjoy enrolling myself in educational courses in areas such as human resources and computer training. This is to strengthen my skills as an inflight service manager and performance and development executive, and to be good role model that inspires my team to excel.

Do you have any words of advice for people who want to join Cabin Crew?

You must be a good team player, patient, personable, and able to work under pressure when handling difficult situations. You also need to have a great passion for the service industry and enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world each day. You should be prepared to work shift hours as well as during the festive season.