Career & Lifestyle

As part of our Cabin Crew, you'll experience a lifestyle that's unique from 9-to-5 jobs.  Each month you will enjoy a mix of long and short-haul flights to more than 50 destinations. Most flights are international routes, and an opportunity for you to ensure that our passengers’ journeys are safe, comfortable and memorable.

Our Cabin Crew share the same passion for delivering world-class service straight from the heart. Join us and you’ll become a proud member of a highly professional team where people care for each other like family, and support each other to succeed in our unique, dynamic and fast-paced environment. On your rostered days off, you will be able to manage your own plan and enjoy a work-life balanced lifestyle. 

Patrick Chan

Flight Purser

As a Cathay Pacific flight purser, Patrick has an active and rewarding career where he benefits from ongoing training and enjoys working alongside teammates from more than 14 countries.

What kind of work experience do you think will benefit a career with Cabin Crew?

I think many customer service and people-focussed roles can give someone the foundation skills they need for Cabin Crew. One of my previous jobs was for a Japanese company that had very high customer service standards; I learned confidence and many transferrable skills such as being observant and paying attention to small details. That training benefited my career attendant as it is very important to stay positive and sense customers’ needs.

What is the difference between being a flight purser and a flight attendant?

Flight pursers have greater responsibilities. In the Economy cabin, I am the leader. It’s my job to ensure my team works with synergy to deliver a consistent service. In the Business cabin, I support teammates by ensuring that the galley is safe and tidy, that meals are well cooked and ready for service, and that we’re prepared for the next service flow. The roles may be different but our goals are the same: to ensure a safe and happy flight.

What training was involved in becoming a Flight Purser?

My promotion training was very intense and exciting. It was a two-week training program that assisted me in developing technical and soft skills in areas such as galley management, meal heating, passenger handling and leadership.

Can you tell us about a challenging in-flight experience you have had?

As Cabin Crew, our focus is on ensuring that passengers arrive at their destination safely. One time a passenger approached me in a panic because her husband had fallen unconscious. At first I was nervous because I had never encountered an ill passenger, but then I calmed myself down and recalled my training. With the help of my senior teammates, we carried out the appropriate first aid procedure; the passenger finally woke and we were rewarded with a big smile and “Thank you!”

What would you tell someone who was interested in joining the Cabin Crew?

Being a Cabin Crew is quite physically and mentally demanding; you need to work long hours and deal with lots of jetlag. You need to be highly motivated and have a passion for serving people.